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Another award for a GSA product


2021: The Bulldog bamboo razor is the Australian Product Of The Year for 2022 in the Male Grooming category!

This unique, renewable, and dependable razor was the beginning of our eco push, and remains the face of our range of planet-friendly products.

Innovation wing's new wonder-material


2021: In the early parts of this year, Innovators Campbell Harris and Will Phillips were working with Australian universities to find a suitable bioplastic compound to use as a starting point for a new groundbreaking material. 

Now in November 2021 after many small scale tests involving different ingredients and methods, we are ready to begin larger-scale testing. We also now have a name we are ready to share with the world: Viridian.

Viridian is a family of entirely bio-based, entirely biodegradable, home compostable hard plastic substrates which have potentially endless applications. Using seldom utilized biopolymers, natural oils, and plant fibre waste product, we are building a material that can do the job of hard plastics like ABS but that will biodegrade in 6 months.

Stay tuned!

GSA Innovation Welcomes First Interns

2021: Campbell Harris, our Innovator at the GSA Innovation Centre welcomed our first interns into the fold. They wil be learning the industry, shadowing our Innovators and helping us to problem-solve real issues facing the environment and the world. From one intern, Jamie:

What are you looking forward to achieving while at GSA?


One of the main things that I am hoping to achieve during this Internship with GSA is immersing myself in the organisational culture of an international business. I am also looking forward to gaining valuable industry experience within an international business that I will be able to use when i enter the workforce.


What is it about GSA that inspired you to take on this internship?


Before finding out about GSA I had no idea that this would be something that I would be interested in pursuing, but after speaking with members of GSA I was shown a whole different side of manufacturing in sustainability. It was definitely this sustainable aspect and my eagerness for a challenge that made me very interested and excited to get involved with the GSA team.

GSA Innovation Opens Doors


2020: Project Manager Will Phillips opens new eco-centric Innovation wing in Queensland, Australia. With the help of new employees, the Innovation wing is working on material development and environmentally friendly supply chains.

Award Winning GSA HK

Nigel FFS Award.jpeg

2018 : Friction Free Shaving won an OK Magazine Award for ‘Best Personal Care Product’ against some stiff opposition, another winning product designed and supplied by GSA HK. 

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